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Protective Isolation Face Shield

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Fashion face shield blue & white printing with adjustable headband fits adults and children.


  1. The face shield effectively protects the face, preventing dust, saliva, droplets from entering the eyes 'nose and mouth directly!
  2. The protective mask is comfortable to wear and protects the face including the eyes, nose and mouth. An excellent accessory and complement to wearing face masks.
  3. The transparent design allows for unobstructed wide vision.
  4. Made of high-quality materials, the mask is anti-fog, waterproof, dust-proof, odorless, lightweight, super soft, highly breathable and protective.




Product Name Protective Isolation Face Shield
Size 330*220mm,
Product Feature High Temperature Resistance; Anti-Fogging; High-Transparency/Clear;
Scratch Resistant
Component 1.Clear Plastic 0.25mm PET Cover, single side/double side protective film
2.Soft Comfortable Sponge Strip
3.Hard Strong Button
4.Adjustable Elastic Head Band