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Multi Functional Tube Bandana | Classic Paisley Bandana Pattern | Neck Gaiter

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Multifunctional 3D Bandana which can also become a Scarf, Hairband, wrist Tube, Seamless Face Shield, Headwear, or Hoodie.

  • *MULTI FUNCTIONAL – Maskalinity introduces its line of Paisley patterned multifunctional bandanas. The tube bandana presents ease of use, fast functionality and multiple use. Because of their seamless tubular design, it is easy to put on, easy to use, easy to style. Guaranteed to fit over your head, these tube bandanas will EASILY cover your face, neck and head. Wear it as a bandana, a face wrap or a skullcap.
  • *CLASSIC PAISLEY PATTERN - The paisley pattern is a staple for bandana patterns. It is a timeless fashion essential when considering bandanas. Maskalinity presents its lineup of the classic paisley bandana in a flexible tube bandana.
  • *VERSATILE – The Maskalinity Bandana is geared towards everyday use. Use the bandana to block dust and small airborne particles, block the sun or just cover your head, or even just for style. Maskalinity, we’ve got you covered.
  • *POLYESTER COMFORT - These Maskalinity bandanas are made of quality SOFT and DURABLE 100% polyester.
  • *QUALITY & VALUE - As always, Maskalinity brings you quality and value bandanas, right priced and quantity discounts.